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Our bottling equipment generally fits most bottles.  To ensure that it will work with your packaging, we ask for bottle drawings, measurements and samples prior to rental.  We rent commercial equipment for commercial winemaking. Equipment is not available for rental during weekends and holidays.   

  • All rentals are subject to our Rental Terms.
  • Simple and straightforward operation.
  • We will review equipment operation with you, if needed.​
  • Customers are not permitted to transport pallet wrapper or corkers.  Contact us for transportation pricing.
  • To give you maximum use of the equipment, we deliver at least 24 hours prior to your reservation start date and pick up at least 24 hours after your reservation end date.

Serving Northern California since 1991

Pneumatic Cork Puller - $100 per day

6-Spout Filler (750ml, 1.5L, 3L, 6L) - $150 per day

2-Head Sparger- $100 per day

Foil Spinners (110V)

750ml, TableTop - $75 per day

1.5L TableTop - $100 per day

750ml Vertical - $125 per day


Bottle-Matic Pressure Sensitive F&B Same Roll (110v) - $100 per day

Glue Labeler (glue not included) - $75 per day

Mechanical Pallet Wrapper

  • Tighter wrap, less material used, less waste

  • Faster - wraps a pallet in 1 minute
  • One roll is equivalent to three rolls of hand wrap, and wraps approximately 80-120 pallets

$175 per day + transportation charge

$25 per wrapper roll (please request to be included with pallet wrapper, if needed)


Large Format Corkers, Single Jaw with Vacuum

  • Specify:  375ml/750ml/1.5L or 3L/5L or 6L and up

  • We need your bottle measurements at the time of scheduling to ensure the correct equipment is selected.
  • 10V extension cord needed (to be provided by customer)
  • Food-grade lubrication, white or clear only, if needed.  You will be charged for cleaning if other products are found on corkers.
  • Handle units with care and review safety procedures with your staff.

     1 day - $175 + transportation charge

     2 day - $250 + transportation charge

     3 day - $350 + transportation charge

     4 day - $400 + transportation charge

     5 day - $450 + transportation charge


​Semi-Automiatic Vacuum Corker with Hopper

  • Accommodates 375ml/750ml/1.5L.


We offer the following discounts on rental price of multiple corkers on any single reservation:

     15% off of any 2 corkers

     25% off of any 3 or more corkers