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How it works

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Protect & Control The Air In Your

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Installed in more than 75 wineries in North America

What is it?  Developed by NASA and FDA approved, Airocide eliminates VOCs and microbiological matter without producing ozone or other harmful by-products.  Reduce labor costs and  exposure to cleaning chemicals and increase the RH in your barrel room.  Our customers are discovering a multitude of reasons to add Airocide to their sanitation protocols.

How does it work?  Airocide employs a proprietary catalytic oxidation process to destroy organic particulate from the air such as wild microbes and mold spores.  Simple to install and easy to maintain, we believe this product can become a key component in your winery operation.

May I see testimonials?  Yes!  We have Airocide customer testimonials from across different industries and within the wine community.   Click here to see testimonials from four local winery professionals.

How can I purchase?   Rutherford Equipment Rental is the exclusive distributor of Airocide for the North American wine Industry. Please email or call Rutherford Equipment Rental for a custom quote based on your operational layout and needs.